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Stepping Stones

Parent Visitation Program


Stepping Stones is an enhanced parent visitation and coaching program that enhances the standard approach of supervised visitation to include a skilled Parent Coach that provides direct feedback during the visit as well as vital parenting preparation and review before and after every visit.

The Enhanced Supervision and Parent Coaching Program provides for extended visits to better suit the needs of families. Parent Coaches will work with parents to create an individualized plan that is strengths-based and collaborative in nature.

Enhanced Supervision

Enhanced Supervision provides "Organic" parenting situations in locations, such as:

- Facility with cooking & dining areas

- Public park

- Movie theater

- School functions

- Animal shelter

- Grocery store

- Public library

- Church

- Sit down dining establishments

- Parent's home

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching Includes:

- Helping parents articulate their children's needs to be met during visitation

- Preparing parents for their children's reactions

- Helping parents plan to give their children their full attention to each visit

- Appreciating the parent's strengths in meeting each child's needs and planning for how they can better meet those next time

- Helping parents cope with their feelings so that they can visit consistently and keep their anger and sadness out of the visitation

Parent Coaches will provide training in pre and post visit setting to provide education on developmental guidelines, self and Co-Regulation Skills, Appropriate Redirection for Child Behaviors, and referral to additional services as needed.

Our Parent Coaches are trained and directly supervised by the Rise Up Counseling team- a team of trauma trained mental health professionals who provide ongoing consultation, training, and oversight of each coach.

Coaching involves active engagement by the Parent Coach in partnering with the parent to set clear, achievable goals for visitation, making the process both more enjoyable and more effective for the parent and the child.

Stepping Stones is a partnership and support system for those parents that are working towards reunification with their children. The program provides a Parent Coach that lays the path towards reunification and provides support during each step of the process.

Here's how it works

Stepping Stones is here to help you as a parent,
and your family as a whole.

Not only to be reunified
- but to stay unified.

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