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2024 Conference Presenters

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Andrew Campbell
Campbell Research & Consulting

Andrew Campbell.PNG

Andrew Campbell is an expert on family violence and the associated risks of harm for adults, children, and pets residing in homes where this violence occurs. Andrew obtained his master’s degree in public health from Purdue University and has presented at over 175 professional conferences and trainings since 2019. His many publications over the last several years include papers cited by the FBI, CDC, United Nations, and in over 1,200 international academic papers and research studies. In addition to being an author, researcher, and educator, Andrew also speaks as a survivor of family violence in childhood.

Karla Solomon
Mercy Gate Ministries, Director of Outreach & Training 


Karla Solomon is a Survivor, Leader, Educator, Consultant & Human Trafficking Expert, paving the way for others who have faced similar challenges. Karla experienced abuse and significant trauma early on in her life, which persisted into adulthood. She is now dedicated to fighting for justice and freedom for others through various avenues. Karla became a mother at the young age of 15. By 20, she garnered recognition as the youngest General Manager for McDonald's in the entire Southern Region, showcasing her determination and leadership skills. Despite facing obstacles, Karla pursued her education earning her GED and enrolling in Kaplan University to study for a Bachelor's Degree of Applied Science in Business Management. With unwavering dedication, she maintained a 4.0 GPA, consistently earning a place on the University's Presidents List. Her achievements led her to become a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society. Unfortunately, her educational journey was interrupted due to her trafficking experience. However, amidst adversity, she found love and support, meeting her husband during Hurricane Katrina. They married in 2010 and have since welcomed two more children into their family. Currently residing in the Texas Hill Country, Karla cherishes spending time reading and researching, traveling and spending time with her loved ones, including her fur baby pit bull, Nahla. Driven by a desire to make a difference, Karla shares her redemption story and expertise to raise awareness, empower survivors, educate others, and spread a message of hope. She firmly believes in the possibility of abundant life, regardless of the challenges one has faced. Through her advocacy and resilience, Karla inspires others to believe in the power of transformation and the promise of a brighter future.

Elizabeth Crecente
Jennifer's Hope 

Elizabeth Crecente.PNG

Elizabeth Crecente is a seasoned speaker and founder and acting President of Jennifer’s Hope for the Prevention of Teen Dating Violence. Her personal experience with the murder of her teen daughter, Jennifer Crecente, led to her passion to advocate for teens and crime victims. Elizabeth earned her BA and MA in Organizational Communication with a focus on healthcare communications such as teen dating violence prevention campaigns. She graduated summa cum laude from St. Edward’s University and The University of Texas at Austin. Elizabeth has received extensive training for the prevention and awareness of teen dating violence and crime victims’ rights. In 2007, Elizabeth collaborated with other advocates and legislators to pass House Bill 101 which enacted Teen Dating Violence policies in Texas schools. In 2013, she joined forces on the campaign to re-authorize the nationwide Violence Against Women Act, which contains a new provision to prevent teen dating violence in the law. Ms. Crecente appeared on the Montel Williams show, E Entertainment: THS Investigates, Investigation Discovery: Detective Diaries, and other print, television, and online media. She speaks/writes both locally and nationally. Ms. Crecente has a diverse career background in business. Her thirty-year background in leadership and training provided an excellent foundation for her current advocacy work. She sat on numerous advisory boards, planning committees, and coalitions for teen dating violence prevention and crime victims’ rights. She trains and presents to social workers, law enforcement, court professionals, advocates, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. Elizabeth speaks to teens at grade schools and universities, special programs, rallies, non-profit programs, juvenile justice agencies, churches, and other organizations. 

Haylee Cole
Advocate for Domestic Violence Awareness

Haylee Reay Cole.PNG

Haylee is an advocate for domestic violence awareness. She was born to two parents - one loving and one abusive. As a result, she was a victim of domestic violence at a young age. Her mother was murdered by her father in Pierre, SD when she was just 12 years old. She worked closely with law enforcement in Pierre through all the court proceedings and still keeps in touch with them today. Since 2008, Haylee has taken every opportunity to speak out on behalf of Domestic Violence victims. She has traveled across the country speaking to schools, law enforcement, and community events. Haylee served on the National Youth Advisory Board for from 2011-2016 which was a board of teens from around the country. In 2016, she gave a TEDx talk “Domestic Violence: I choose to be her voice” that told her and her mom’s story. The story has been featured on Dateline, The Devil Speaks, and Framed by the Killer. Haylee has turned her story from tragedy into triumph. She shares a story about domestic violence, working closely with law enforcement, and inspires others to overcome trauma.

David Adams, Ed.D.
Emerge, Co-Founder & Co-Director

David Adams2.PNG

David Adams, Ed.D., is Co-founder as well as Co-Director of Emerge, the first counseling program in the nation for men who abuse women, established in 1977. David has led groups for men who batter and conducted outreach to victims of abuse for 36 years. He has led parenting education classes for fathers for 12 years. He is one of the nation’s leading experts on men who batter and has conducted trainings for social service and criminal justice professionals in 45 states and 16 nations. He has published numerous articles and book chapters, and writes a featured blog on The Huffington Post. David is a Commissioner on the Massachusetts Governor’s Council on Sexual and Domestic Violence and Director of the National Domestic Violence Risk Assessment and Management Training Project. His book, “Why Do They Kill? Men Who Murder Their Intimate Partners,” was published by Vanderbilt University Press in 2007.

Katie Campbell
RedRover, President & CEO

Photo- Katie Campbell_edited.jpg

Katie Campbell is the President and CEO for RedRover, with more than 16 years of experience in the nonprofit world. She has worked with diverse communities across racial, ethnic, and economic lines in positions ranging from front-line service to management roles. This has included working closely with domestic violence survivors, as well as other individuals at risk, and with many nonprofits serving these communities. As RedRover’s President and CEO, Katie leads the organization with an eye toward building cross-sector collaboration, partnerships, and community. She is a firm believer that more can be accomplished when organizations work together and with the community, rather than in silos. With this foundation, she provides training and assistance on how to create and sustain community-based pet programs, which includes the importance of recognizing pets in domestic violence, the power of collaboration, and the potential role of pet programs in fundraising. In partnership with Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild program, Katie created and spearheads the Don’t Forget the Pets collaborative project. The project aims to support and connect representatives from animal welfare organizations and human services organizations to create pet housing programs to support people and pets in crisis.

Ketia Johnson
RedRover, Community Outreach Coordinator

Photo- Ketia Johnson_edited.jpg

Ketia Johnson combines her interests in animal well-being and community engagement in her work for RedRover, a national animal welfare non-profit that helps bring animals and their people from crisis to care. Ketia focuses her efforts on RedRover’s domestic violence assistance programming, where she supports domestic violence organizations in their journey to create pet housing programs. With a Master of Science in Anthrozoology and more than eight years’ experience in animal sheltering and shelter medicine, Ketia has a deep appreciation for the strength of the human-animal bond and understands how vital community support is for people and their pets.

Dana Fleitman, M.A.Ed.H.D
SPARC, Training & Awareness Specialist

Photo- Dana Fleitman.jpg

Dana Fleitman (M.A.Ed.H.D) has been with the Stalking Prevention, Awareness, and Resource Center (SPARC) since 2018. In her role as Training and Awareness Specialist, she provides training and technical assistance to multidisciplinary professionals across the country on recognizing and responding to stalking. Dana is a skilled trainer who leads in-person and online workshops on topics including stalking behaviors and dynamics, stalking on campuses, the use of technology to stalk, risk assessment, and safety planning. With a focus on public awareness, Dana also authors original resources – including ready-to-use curricula, discussion guides, and publications on stalking – and leads SPARC’s National Stalking Awareness Month efforts each January, designing and creating SPARC’s social media campaigns as well as infographics and videos year-round. Prior to joining SPARC, Dana was the Senior Manager of Prevention and Training Programs at Jewish Women International (JWI). At JWI, she created, delivered, and managed multiple educational programs on intimate partner violence, sexual violence, and healthy masculinity for audiences ranging from teens to professionals in the field, with a special emphasis on college campuses. Her previous work includes coordinating training and technical assistance for the HHS Office of Adolescent Health teen pregnancy prevention grantees. She also has direct service experience with groups including foster teens, refugees, and recent immigrants. Dana graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and George Washington University with a Master of Arts in Education and Human Development. She is based in the Washington, D.C. area.

Virginia Perez-Ortega
NMCSAP, Director of Community Collaborations on Access and Inclusion

Virginia Perez Ortega_edited.jpg

Virginia is the Director of Community Collaborations on Access and Inclusion. Previously, she was a Resource and Outreach Coordinator at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. Locally she has experience coordinating a community-based crime reduction project with the Office of Bernalillo County District Attorney. She is also an independent consultant, provides training, facilitation and coordination of victim advocacy related projects and events on the topics of domestic and sexual violence prevention. Ms. Perez-Ortega is an English-Spanish translator and interpreter. She is an experienced media campaign coordinator, community event planner and a successful community organizer. Virginia is a social and human rights activist with over 15 years working to end violence against all women and girls. In her previous role as Violence Prevention Director for a local NGO, she developed and implemented community-driven gender violence prevention programs; she also pioneered one of its kind prevention program of men against family violence. She is committed to social justice and to improving the conditions of those affected by inequalities. She is about making a better life for each other through family, culture, caring, discipline, fun, collaboration and action. She is the proud mother of 2 beautiful children. Virginia was born and raised in Mexico and has lived in New Mexico since the late 90s. She holds a BA on Community Development from UnADM (Universidad Abierta y a Distancia de Mexico and an AA on Business Graphics and Communications from Central New Mexico Community College.

Ana Lopez
Enlace Comunitario, Promotora Program Manager

Photo- Ana Lopez.jpg

Ana López Salazar is a dedicated social activist. Originally from Mexico City, where she received her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Ana is committed to empowering women and fostering non-violent communities. Ana worked in a non-profit organization in Mexico City, Fundación Origen, where she enhanced her skills and deepened her understanding of gender-based violence’s complexities. Ana transitioned to Enlace Comunitario (EC) over fourteen years ago. Initially volunteering with children who witnessed domestic violence, due to her dedication and insight, she was propelled into a leadership role. Recognizing the need for tailored educational programs within the Albuquerque Latino immigrant community, Ana pioneered EC’s “Healthy Relationship” course curriculum. In addition to her academic achievements, Ana is a graduate of the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL) Advanced Leadership Training Program. This comprehensive training gave her the skills and insights to navigate complex societal challenges and drive meaningful progress. With over 18 years of dedicated social activism, Ana Lopez Salazar remains steadfast in making society aware of the importance of non-violence toward women. Her dedication and expertise continue to inspire positive change and empower communities.

Yesenia Valencia
Enlace Comunitario, Promotora

Photo- Yesenia Valencia.PNG

Yesenia Valencia's story is about resilience, determination, and a commitment to helping others. Originally from Tijuana, Baja California, México, Yesenia's life took a significant turn when she immigrated to the United States at the age of 12. Like many immigrants, she faced various challenges, including adapting to a new culture and navigating the complexities of life in a foreign country. Despite the challenges she has faced, Yesenia remains steadfast in her aspirations. Her dream is to become a social worker, enabling her to continue making a positive impact in the lives of others. Through her journey from survivor to advocate, Yesenia exemplifies the power of resilience, compassion, and the unwavering determination to create a brighter future for herself and her community. Yesenia serves as a Community Health Worker, also known as a Promotora, at Enlace Comunitario, where she underwent extensive training that lasted 60 hours. In her role, she engages in vital community work, facilitating presentations on issues related to intimate partner violence and participating in informational tables and health events. Through her work, Yesenia strives to raise awareness, provide support, and empower individuals affected by domestic violence, just as she once was.

Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless, Practice Operations Manager

Gail Starr-_edited.jpg

Gail Starr has been a registered nurse for 20 years now. She specializes in forensic medicine, especially in taking care of victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She just joined Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless where she manages staff taking care of some of the most marginalized population in this area. Gail focuses on making sure people are receiving non-judgmental, supportive, and safe care, no matter who they are, and what their position in society is. She enjoys running, Korean dramas and she should do a lot more yoga than she does. Community and friendships feed her mind and soul and give her the inspiration to give care where ever she can.

Angelia Parent, RN
Affirming Heart Victim Services, SPEAK SA & DV Program Coordinator

Photo- Angelia Parent.JPG

With a background in counseling and nursing, Angelia has provided victim-centered services with Affirming Heart Victim Services since 2015 as a Forensic Interviewer. In 2016, Angelia became trained as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) and since has been providing medical exams to victims of sexual and intimate partner violence, specializing in the area of Strangulation. Angelia has continued learning and began specializing in victim services allowing her to train others on Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Intimate Partner Violence Strangulation; Prevention, Recognition, Investigation, and Treatment. As the DSART (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Response Team) Facilitator and member of the CART (Child Abuse Response Team), she works closely with many community partners, including Law Enforcement, CYFD, and the District Attorney's office, providing fact witness and expert witness testimony when called upon. Angelia obtained her Bachelor of Art-Human Resources Counseling in 1998, and her Master of Science- Counseling in 2002, both from East Central University, Ada, Oklahoma. In 2009, she completed her Associate Degree of Nursing Science at Eastern Oklahoma State College, Wilburton, Oklahoma and became a Registered Nurse licensed in the state of Oklahoma. Upon moving to New Mexico, she now holds a Nurse Licensure Compact Multistate License. She is a current member of the International Association of Forensic Nurses, the New Mexico SANE Task Force, the New Mexico SASP Task Force, the Eddy County Health Council, and the Nurses Service Organization.

Gretchen Koether, RN, BSN
The Phoenix House, Executive Director

Gretchen Koether.jpg

Presenter bio coming soon.

Angela Phillips
Grammy's House, Program Manager

Photo- Angela Phillips_edited.jpg

Greetings, all! My name is Angela Phillips. I have been a resident of Artesia, NM for the past seventeen (17) years. I am the program manager and facilitator for the Batterer Intervention Program (BIP) at Grammy’s House. I also facilitate parenting classes. BIP is a 52-week program for men and/or women who have engaged in using force in their intimate relationships. Anyone may attend the program; however, it is typically court ordered following a conviction of a domestic battery charge or if child protective services deem it beneficial for the family unit. I thoroughly enjoy engaging with clients and encouraging them to use the tools learned in group sessions to help them become better partners, learn more about themselves, or become better parents. I have a bachelor’s degree in social work from Eastern New Mexico University and will be pursuing a master’s degree in the same field from Western New Mexico University starting in the summer of 2024. I feel BIP is an integral part in the eradication of domestic violence as it goes directly to the source of domestic violence. I’m thankful to be part of Grammy’s House and the opportunity to help make changes in our community one client at a time.

Terri Madrid
New Mexico Office of the Attorney General, Human Trafficking Victim Advocate

Terri Madrid_edited.jpg

Terri Madrid, of Las Cruces, New Mexico, has always had a passion for helping others. She worked at La Piñon Sexual Assault Recovery Services as Victim Advocate and Case Manager for three-plus years. Terri now works as a Human Trafficking Victim Advocate with the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General. She continues to support and help survivors find their voice.

Adam Arellano
New Mexico Office of the Attorney General, Special Agent

Photo- Adam Arellano.jfif

Adam M Arellano is employed with the New Mexico Attorney General's Office as a Special Agent. He has approximately nineteen years of law enforcement experience, and is currently assigned to the Human Trafficking investigation unit. He has received specialized training in Internet Crimes Against Children cases and has investigated multiple criminal cases including child sexual exploitation cases; Child solicitation cases, manufacturing, possession, receipt, distribution, and production of child sexual abuse material. In his current position, his primary duties include follow-up investigations on all felony crimes to include but not limited to: Criminal Sexual Contact of Minors and Adults, Sexual Penetration of Minors and Adults, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, and the exploitation of Adults and Minors. He has developed an understanding in the investigation, detection, and apprehension of sexual abuse, labor trafficking and sex trafficking offenders.

MaryEllen Garcia
New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Photo- MaryEllen Garcia.jpg

MaryEllen Garcia has worked in New Mexico’s network of survivor services for over 20 years. Most recently she spent the past ten years as the Grants Bureau Chief for the New Mexico Crime Victims Reparation Commission, administering state funds to support survivor services, as well as federal funds from VOCA Victim Assistance, STOP VAWA, SASP, and other federal discretionary awards. Prior to her work with the Commission, Ms. Garcia administered discretionary grants from the Office on Violence Against Women for the State of New Mexico including projects that developed best practices for access, issuance, and enforcement of orders of protection and a statewide domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, strangulation, and child victimization project. She started her career in victim services as a volunteer with a non-profit law enforcement-based victim advocate program. She worked as a crisis negotiator for law enforcement and developed a law enforcement Crisis Outreach and Support Team, focused on providing access to families whose loved ones are experiencing mental illness. Ms. Garcia has worked on several projects at the state, local and national levels to improve the provision of services for survivors of crime. She has worked and collaborated with the VERA Institute, the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence, Casa de Esperanza, the Women of Color Network, the Office on Violence Against Women, the Office for Victims of Crime, and numerous other state and national programs. She sat on the national board of Violence Against Women Administrators as the President and often mentors other states in the administration of their federal funding. She has worked with governmental and non-governmental victim service agencies around the state either in training, providing services, development of best practices in serving victims, program development, and leadership within New Mexico.

Erika Wright
Carlsbad Battered Families Shelter, Executive Director

Photo- Erika Wright_edited.jpg

Erika Wright is the Executive Director for the Carlsbad Battered Families Shelter in Carlsbad, N.M. Erika has been the Executive Director since 2017 and has made a lot of positive changes throughout her time there. She has worked in many roles including the Assistant Director, BIP Facilitator, and Victim Advocate. She comes from a business background and loves being in a role that helps so many people and her community.

Melissa Allen
Survivor of Domestic Violence

Photo- Melissa Allen_edited.jpg

Meet Melissa Allen - a survivor, a loving mother, and now a proud grandmother with a heart as big as the sky over her new cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico. Melissa's journey hasn't been easy. She's faced the darkness of domestic violence head-on, but her spirit never wavered. With love for her family as her guiding light, she found the courage to overcome. Now, as a grandma, Melissa's heart is fuller than ever. And her recent achievement of owning a cozy cabin in the tranquil beauty of Ruidoso is a dream come true.

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