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Youth Ambassador Program

The Foundry Home Youth Ambassador Program aims to reach youth in Eddy & Lea Counties that may be experiencing homelessness or find themselves running from home. Youth in Eddy or Lea County who volunteer to become Youth Ambassadors will spend time learning about Foundry Home services and sharing their knowledge with peers in the community such as schools, clubs, sports, churches, and other organizations.

Youth will often be aware of peers that are couch surfing or staying in an unsafe environment before adults are aware. Youth Ambassadors will be able to speak from firsthand experience of being at the shelter and seeing the private rooms, participating in shelter activities, interacting with shelter staff, and having had a positive experience to share with peers who need a safe place to stay.

Youth Ambassadors will each receive an ongoing small supply of silicone bracelets engraved with shelter contact information to wear and hand out to other students who may be interested in becoming Youth Ambassadors or may need shelter services.

Interested students will be provided with an application and invited to come visit Foundry Home in person, tour the building, and participate in activities such as karaoke nights, pizza parties, and laser tag activities, as well as monthly education opportunities. In addition, youth will be asked to become decision makers in the Youth Ambassador Program’s future – from t-shirt designs to food and activities to public speaking events, youth will lead the program and learn to advocate for themselves and their peers.

If you have any questions about the Youth Ambassador Program, please contact the Foundry Home at:

888-808-2775   or

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