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Reporting Abuse

Mandated Reporter Training

Training for mandated child abuse reporters, so they may carry out their responsibilities properly and understand their critical role in the lives of children and families.

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Signs & Symptoms of Child Abuse

Training to recognize signs of abuse or neglect.

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Darkness to Light

Training that specializes in the education and prevention of child sexual abuse

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Foundry Home
Program Overview & Tour

Learn more about our youth shelter and the services they offer.

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Youth Ambassadors

Presentation geared towards youth programs- classroom presentation.

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Sexual Assault Survivor Rights

Training on the New Mexico Sexual Assault Survivor's Rights.

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Signs & Symptoms of Abuse

Signs & Symptoms of Sexual Assault 

Signs & Symptoms of Domestic Violence

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Strangulation Lethality Awareness

Training on the dangers of strangulation and what should be done following a strangulation.

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Domestic Violence Instructor Course

For Service Providers- Domestic Violence response.

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Healthy Relationships

Training to discuss the differences between healthy & unhealthy relationships.

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In Her Shoes

Experiential learning about domestic violence- Participants move, act, think, and make choices as a person experiencing an abusive relationship

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First Aid / CPR

Training offered at $10 per person- group rates can be arranged.

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Trauma Sensitive Teaching

Training for educators on a trauma sensitive approach to teaching.

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