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Begins at 7:45AM and runs until 5PM + a bonus Q&A Session with the presenters following the Conference

All Registered Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion

Live presenters

Shamere McKenzi
CEO- Sun Gate Foundation
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Suleman Masood
Subject Matter Expert
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Survivor Informed Practice

A survivor-informed practice includes meaningful input from a diverse community of survivors at all stages of a program or project, including development, implementation and evaluation. Learn to put this practice in play and how communities can recruit and partner with survivors in improving their agency’s vision/mission.

Michael DeBernardi, PsyD, MS
Clinical Psychologist and CEO - The Life Link
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Effects of Complex Trauma

This workshop will explore the impact of trauma on the brain and development, particularly the severe complex trauma experienced by survivors of human trafficking.  Through an understanding of the debilitating effects of trauma on our clients, we can better conceptualize their internal experience and external behaviors to more effectively meet them where they are at and partner with them through the long recovery process.

Boundaries and Self Care with

Human Trafficking Victims

Whether it be through court proceedings, service provision, or partnering with a survivor, the human trafficking field can put a heavy burden on the expectations of a survivor of human trafficking. Learn to set expectations and boundaries that should exist between a survivor of trafficking, and the service provider. By establishing boundaries and modes of self-care, an agency/individual has the ability to successfully meet their goals without compromising those that they are working with and avoid burnout themselves.

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Heidi Olson RN, MSN, CPN, SANE-P
Children's Mercy Hospital
Deshawnda Chaparro
Human Trafficking Attorney
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Special Considerations with Immigrant

Human Trafficking Victims

This session will provide answers to the following questions: (1) Who are human traffickers? (2) Who are the victims? (3) How can human trafficking/immigration attorneys help these victims? (4) What immigration benefits are victims of human trafficking eligible for? (5) What other benefits do these victims have access to?

Lynn Sanchez.png
Lynn SanchezMA, LPCC
Director of HT Aftercare-
The Life Link

The Rise of Online

Exploitation of Children

This presentation discusses the vulnerabilities that exist online for children, the way that traffickers groom victims through social media and pornography and how we can empower and protect kids as they navigate the online world.

Overcoming Stigmas and Advocating for Victims of Human Trafficking

in the Healthcare Setting

This talk discusses the ways that we can provide empathetic care, build trust, overcome stigmas and provide compassionate care to survivors of human trafficking in the healthcare setting.

Crisis Response, Barrier-Free Housing, and Advocacy for

Survivors of Trafficking

This presentation will discuss a

person-centered comprehensive approach to housing, advocacy, and resource acquisition in New Mexico.  

Pre-recorded presenters

Roslynn Gallegos
NM Dream Center
Roslynn BW.png

Human Trafficking, Youth Homelessness, and DMST

In this session, attendees will cover a variety of topics concerning human trafficking within New Mexico, and what the New Mexico Dream Center does to combat these issues.

Roberta Lujan.png
Roberta Lujan J.D., MSW
FBI Victim Specialist

The Federal Response to

Human Trafficking

In this session, attendees will learn the best practices for working with human trafficking victims. Attendees will also get the federal perspective on advocating for these victims.

Mariana Landaverde BW.png
Mariana Landaverde
HT/Legal Advocate

Human Trafficking in a Rape Crisis Center or Non-profit Agency

In this session, attendees will learn about the potential victims of human trafficking, the struggles encountered when working with them, and how to help them; including being proactive with finding resources that they need.

Anthony Maez
NM Attorney General's Office
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Nathan Padilla LCSW, MS, BS, AA
Clinical Director- Embrace
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Pamela Rose Rodriguez
Pamela Rose.png

Accessing Services in Rural Areas for Human Trafficking Survivors

In this session, attendees will learn how to assess survivors needs in a culturally sensitive way, and work with their own experiences, including: past abuse, substance use, and mental or behavioral health. 

Using Your Talents to

Create Awareness

In this session you will learn how one woman took her new found awareness of human trafficking and used her vocal talents to inspire this very conference!  We tend to identify creativity with artists and inventors, but, in fact, creativity is in each and every one of us.  Identify how you too can use your talent to make a difference.


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